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Can I have my feather-wings or my devil horns yet? by BlueMoonNight Can I have my feather-wings or my devil horns yet? by BlueMoonNight
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These are just a few of the comments I've gotten over the years, from family, people in my school district, people online, etc.

I'm sick of it.  Everyone's bullshit.  I don't even know who I can trust without being backstabbed anymore... It was hard for me to even start trusting my boyfriend, whom I dearly love.  Everywhere I turn, my world slowly crumbles, everything I touch-disappears before my eyes.

I've heard everything from "stupid" to, well, just choose another word on that list, for example.  I've heard it from before the age of 10, to now, 16 years old.  

I dream about having a life with my boyfriend often, and that's the only thing keeping me going--besides my closest friends who know who they are and I'm not gonna name them, they know it's them.  90% of the time I want to just end it, take a bottle of my mother's Lithium meds-and get a water bottle.  I used to wonder what life would be like if I didn't exist, I start thinking of how positive some people's lives would be.... for example:

My ex would have never met me, so his best friend would have never met me.  They would still be friends, and they wouldn't hate each other.   My mother? Well, she would obviously be happier, she says she would all the time-and means it.  She truly does.  She might have even been a happier being without me being born, because my siblings wouldn't fight with me.  My other friend?  He'd have never cheated on his gf with me if I wasn't around.  My teachers?  They wouldn't have had to put up with someone like me.  My little brother?  He wouldn't have to worry about looking up to me as a role-model... he'd only have his twin to try to care about.  My sister?  Less arguments for her to deal with.

My only lifeline is the thought of a life with my boyfriend.  Having a happier future, a better life.  Getting a great career in Art, marrying him, raising children, and growing old with him.  My boyfriend is the reason I haven't tried to harm myself in months.  I've only tried to OD once, and that was during the beginning of our relationship, when I almost was forced to break up with him for multiple reasons.

I try to make myself think of that, and nothing else.  I cry many nights, as dumb as it may sound, about how hard it is for me.  I try to keep my head up, because I know many have it worse off than I do.  The sad thing is, I've kept everything I've written, plus more, bottled within me for months and months.  I've shared only a few bits of info.  Recently, it's started to spill over.  I've begun to tell a few people, but it's almost as if so much was hidden in that bottle for so long, that it'll take years to empty it and refill it.

I want to explain some of my past, and I hope I don't seem self-conceited, however, I've been called that too.

My name is Kayla Christine, I have 16 years.  My original hair was light blonde-brown, and I have bright blue eyes... one of the only things I enjoy about my physical appearance.  As a young child I lost my father to a jail for 6 months.  My mother had BiPolar, and it wasn't too great when she got out of hand.  As I got older, I was diagnosed with bipolar myself-but still technically not yet labeled, but that is what it is.  But anyway, as I grew up, I had to move schools in the District.  I had to leave friends, that I wouldn't see until Jr. High/Middle School.

The next school I went to wasn't as kind as my old one.  Though, the same district, everyone was completely different.  My appearance to many of them, was ugly.  I was fat, and they told me it straight to my face sometimes.  I weighed over 140 pounds in Elementary school, and I'm short which doesn't help.  I have had paper thrown at me, pencils, I've been laughed at, shoved, my arm has been yanked, basket balls thrown at me, things that I didn't do blamed on me, etc.  When I couldn't physically run anymore, due to intense pains in my hips, I had to sit on the sidelines for most of Gym.  A student once came up to me, questioning why I wasn't running with them.  I explained my condition.  The student stared, laughed, and basically said I could run and that someone had run in worse conditions before and I was trying to get out of gym or something.  I don't even remember anymore, and I don't want to really.  Fifth grade my father was gone again-For something that was a total misunderstanding, but law doesn't care... they just do their job, he came back in the summer after I turned 13.  I didn't have any birthdays for becoming 10, 11, 12.  Which was actually kind of emotionally hurting for me, but I knew it wasn't important or too bad.  My mom, who wasn't as bad at the time, tried to make it up with a huge 13th.  That was one of the few good things that happened during those years.

Seventh grade is when the transition happened, Elementary to Middle school.  I hated it, so much.  It gave me severe anxiety.  I sat alone at lunch at least half the year, and told my parents otherwise.  My "friends" from my older elementary school had changed, most of them became mean to me and ignored me.  Some even talked about me behind my back.  I was one of the school students who wasn't so popular or treated well.  Seventh grade was awful, except for my Tech/Art/Home Ec class rotation.  I had fun in that class, because my friend was in it (now my boyfriend.)

Eighth grade wasn't very fun either.  Most of the time I still was alone at lunch, or I did sit with people, but they basically ignored my commentary-They were all talking about their advanced classes... which I wasn't in. Still was made fun of, but worse at times.  I got shoved at a locker, stabbed with a pen in the hall, etc.  Sadly, my (current boyfriend) friend and I weren't very close at this time, we had faded our friendship during those times.  Midyear I had a severe depression, suicidal actually.  I had tried to OD a few times, but I didn't tell my parents that part.  It got better, eventually, after a Hell for a few months.  At the end of 8th I was heartbroken at the Graduation Dance.  The whole time I sat on a vent in the cafeteria, trying not to cry as everyone walked by me.  A few acquaintances walked by, and tried to get me up.. But they said it in a rude way, "Get your lazy butt up.  Don't remember your last Middle School day by being boring."  I knew they just wanted me to have fun, but it still hurt me somehow emotionally.

Ninth Grade, the transition to Highschool.  That year was awful.  I had a teacher who was arrogant to me, and I was fearful of him.  Meanwhile I had gotten my first boyfriend.  Most of that year I had insults, and staring.  I was going a bit anorexic at the time(nothing extreme), I had been 200+ pounds in 8th.  Lower than 150 in 9th.  Now, this boyfriend was a nice guy.  However, he went about many things wrong.  He ended up making me think he really "loved me" instead of simply throwing a word around.  He messed with my mind in a way.  He dumped me 6 times in just that one year.  I broke up with him once-When I had enough after him doing it the day before Valentine's Day and asking me out a week later.  My friend (Boyfrend now) and I had gotten a bit closer again, but he had a girlfriend, even though I liked him a bit at the time.  He was very kind to me, and made the funniest jokes which cheered me up often.  Now, the boyfriend I had at the time said some rude things to me.  I was called things such as Shallow, uncaring, and my personality was unappealing to him.  He only enjoyed the physical aspect of me, which no lie, he DID tell me to my face.

Tenth, the bullying was less, but definitely still there.  Rumors were spread about me, from my ex boyfriend...  Apparently how I was easy to open my legs or some crap.  Thankfully, many didn't believe those rumors.  I started dating another guy, very nice to me at first.  Took me places to eat, bought me beautiful things.  However, I slowly started realizing he was a bit clingy.  Now, that didn't upset me too much.  Clingy isn't always bad.  However, it got worse, and worse, and worse.  He started becoming a bit obsessed.  Too obsessed.  He was becoming unhealthily attached.  He would get angry and yell at me, upset, when I couldn't go to his house.  He'd claim I wasn't trying, and how it was worthless.  I don't think he realized how he acted, but he did act like that... and it upset me terribly.  He was very stalker-like too, in a worrying way.  He'd follow me down the Hall when I was returning papers to a teacher, hiding behind the wall.  When I stated I'd be back to the class afterschool in two minutes.  He also physically was unhealthy, he was stressed, and stopped eating-and he used to be a HUGE eater.  He told me he stopped because he wanted to be skinnier for me, and I said to him he was fine how he was and to not do that.  However, he continued against mine, his family's, and his doctor's orders.  There are some other things that happened, but there a bit too.... informative.  I don't wanna blab about other people too descriptively.  This isn't descriptive compared to it.  Eventually, anyway, I broke off the relationship.  Eventually, I began dating his best friend, and I know how cruel that is, but he at one point had dated his best friend's ex to make him jealous for her or some crap.  So seriously, we'd all done terrible things.  My second ex was awful about it, I didn't blame him at first.  He had a perfectly good reason..  Until it got out of control.  He started texting me things, like, "I won't be there for you if you ever need me."  Which only upset me because the night before, I had been talking to him, making sure he was okay and not crying, telling him I did care and had no cruel intentions... and recently my Godfather had died too, which I was broken about that.  But my ex didn't really seem to realize my emotions, it always turned into a conversation about his, even when we were dating... Not just sometimes, but everytime I wanted to vent, he'd cut me off.  I know he has feelings too, and he can always share them... but it still hurt me that I couldn't share mine really.   (And yes, I know it doesn't always fully fix the problems, to tell someone things like that.)  To this day, he still texts things such as, "Do you love me." And things that make me feel guilty about myself, after I beg him to stop and he says he will.  Never does, though.  I know we all have emotions... but it launched me into depression again.

Now?  Now my mother is Ill again.  I'm being called a pig by her, a dumb bitch, useless.  Being told I was a mistake, etc.  She claims she means it, and the kind of person she is-ill or not- she means it if she says she does.  I currently am becoming terribly depressed again, as stated before.  Afraid to sleep, afraid she'll come in and yell or something worse.  Or that I'll have nightmares, nightmares of death.
Which is why I'm currently writing this, because I'm passing the time.  So someone can read some of my story, if God forbid, something ever happens.  So someone out there who feels the same way, knows they aren't alone.  I know it can always be worse.  I just needed a way to express my feelings, so all of this happened.

I'll just keep remembering, futures can be better.  Everyone who feels this way, too, remember that.  Futures can always be more than what a "present" of the present is.  Sometimes the presents given by the Present is a hoax, and an April Fool's Day Joke.  However, the future could hold more, like that real present.  Just waiting to be given to you, happily.
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DNBSEN2 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
My philosophy is, as long as you wake up in the morning, you're meant to live another day. It's really disgusting and sick, how many times I hear stories like this because the world is a horrible place. Also, I think the idea of "A lot of people have it worse than you." is misused. Sure it's true, but they're conditioned to live and survive like that. They can still find some happiness in their lives (hopefully.) Our lives our much better than theirs, so problems we perceive as big might be small compared to their problems, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored. Nobody should ever have to go through things like this, and it just sucks that people continue to go through this. Nevertheless, everybody has issues, and deals with them in their own ways. But for most people the best solution is to talk about them. Even if it feels natural to to hold it all in, it only hurts you. And if people around you won't listen, then you just need to find a person who will, because there's someone in the world who's more than happy to listen to whatever you have to say. There are lots of people in the world that find pleasure in nothing else than to listen to other people talk about what bugs them. I happen to be one of those people.

Anyway, I suppose I've probably talked enough. Your story is one I hear far to often. People hurting themselves and trying to kill themselves because the people around them don't understand how powerful words can be. I hope things get better for you, because, while I obviously don't know you, you seem like you deserve a break from people being terrible to you. I hope things go well with your boyfriend too.
BlueMoonNight Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Thank you so much.  That comment means a lot to me.  This shows me there are people who still care, among the world we live in, full of a cruel kind of criticism.  It makes me smile a bit, knowing there are people like you, looking out for others.

I like that philosophy, I'm gonna think of that for now on.  Also, your point about the worse conditions does make sense now that I think about it like that.  Thank you so much for this comment, again...  It really does mean a lot to me.  You're one of the very few people besides my boyfriend who seem to think like this.  It's very true, how the world is.  People in it say sick things.  I've been a victim, as obviously stated, and witnessed it.  And it's sad, because when you try to stop it, it sometimes just compounds into a worse problem...

Thank you.  It just means so much that you read all that and posted such a knowledgeable comment.  I feel a little better knowing there are people like you.
DNBSEN2 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
I always do my best to help people because (in spite of what I often say) I really believe that there's good in people and that they should always be given the best chance to find who they are and be happy in life. I like to help people who are hurting because I guess it makes me feel better.

But hey, it's no problem. And if you ever need to talk, my doors are always open (Seriously I am really lonely these days and could really use people to talk too .-. ) I know it's probably hard to take because you mentioned a lot of people have hurt you, even people online, but I am truly always open to talk. Unless it's like 3 in the morning and I'm sleeping. Well, if you even wanted to talk that is. Some people feel more confident confiding in friends, which is completely understandable.
BlueMoonNight Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Thank you very much.  I'll keep you in mind if I ever need to speak to someone.

I normally don't open up to those I don't know, but you seem like the kind of person who can respect others.

Thank you, for the millionth time! :)
DNBSEN2 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
No problem :) It's my pleasure
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